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Manage, comment and share your patents, scientific literature, web results and internal documents with internal & external stakeholders.


Are you spending a lot of money for different tools, but your information is spread all around? RAPID brings everything together!

RAPID comes with interfaces and import/export possibilities from e.g. Questel, Patbase, IPScreener, Scopus and Webcrawlers. It provides outputs to Patentsight, Intellixir, and multiple other dedicated customer databases.

Easily administrate the
flow of information
Organize your patents, scientific literature etc.
Share information with external partners
Work in one single, Swiss-hosted & secured tool
Added value within various Departments

We constantly monitor the market of IP tools, identify the best applications for your specific monitoring & searching needs, and bundle all the relevant output from the different sources in one single platform: RAPID.

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You will be connected to the big data lake of scientific and technological information without having to care about what comes from which source! RAPID is your intelligence portal.


Regular Patent Monitoring, literature and web searching will help you

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The results of all these activities are bundled in one place: the RAPID collaboration tool. From there, automatic alerts are sent out to you, all annotations are safe, ratings add transparency, your internal experts become visible, and the workflow helps you in priority setting.

One Solution

You obtain access to all search and monitoring results in one single, secured tool environment.

Central Data Hub

You can easily connect your existing databases through our interface technology and then work in one single, secured tool environment.

Saves you money & time

No need to spend money and time searching in multiple tools! Let our engineers and experts do the work for you.

Three key reasons why customers choose RAPID

The All-In-One solution RAPID brings efficiency into your processes and motivation to your technical workforce.

What our Clients say

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We set up the pilot application in your preferred area of expertise in Patents, Scientific Literature, and Web.

Then you...

  • determine the search topic and monitoring period

  • will receive quick information through direct links

  • get free access to RAPID

  • access your data from anywhere at any time

  • can work together with your team on the results